Thursday, November 6, 2014

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Mad is my title for this one.  We live in a world of haves and have not because people are all not given the same treatment when you need it most. Believe me I know that I am not the only person out in this world trying to receive Social Security Benefits because I am unable to work. Yes, my mind is still working for the most part but parts of this body have been given the old one, two punch by a serious car accident that finish off my back for the most part.  Let me just say I worked all of my life until I was 52 years old and now I am 59 years old and unable to do the job that I gave most of my life for and that was a recruiter. Loved my job for the most part but there were days I wished that I had a different one when everyone wanted something from me I could give and that was an instant job of that person.  As, I stated earlier I worked took care of my parents until God took them home to rest. So my titles in my past have been caregiver, daughter, friend, mother, person who was always there for them and this list could go on and on. I am not bitter because of these choices I made to take care of others in the past but on the system it self, Social Security Administration, yes I know everyone there is not bad and they are over worked but WOW!  For 6 years and 10 months I have been taken from courts to see what they call ALS, that’s person who is judge over your hearing.  My mind is wondering if anyone else has gone through this before or am I the only one.  People let me just add to this that I am a new mother-in-law and I have a great set of young people waking through this process. Yes, I have food, shelter and love and support along with RESPECT for me going about my life with them. It hard knows that in the past I have the breadwinner and now I am the person receiving the care. Let just ask what else can I do but WAIT and I mean wait. I spoke with my State Senator and the staff has told me that I am luck to have such a great family. They can only try to speed up if I am being evicted, car being reposed, or my electric or gas being turned off.  There goes that word again WOW. What a let down that the State Senator’s hands are tided too. Well that is the world that we live and breath in. I know I am doing this right after the election but the election did only was heat me up more on the monies that are being spent on elections and hard work citizens just can’t get a break. Oh I know if I faked it I could get my disability but the truth is I am not faking and let me say my mind is starting to think what else can I do at home but write and tell my story.
Thanks for hearing me out of this situation. I will continue to be me and try to stay on health care for me.
Let me know if you have ideas?

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