Friday, December 29, 2017

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BAE: Excellent to have clear communication #Yelloway

In the past, I have had trouble with my brother’s end of our conversations when he is at his other location and I get frustrated so now this stops.  He has an Android phone and I have an iPhone so he says, “ It only happens when I talk with you”, so now we have communications he places this on his phone and uses the mic for him to talk back to me and I can now hear him completely.

This installs easily it just plugs into the phone jack outlet on the phone does what it does on the phone and magic happens with our conversation. It comes with a storage case that has the:

Lavalier Microphone
Storage box
Microphone audio splitter that is (y-connector)
Wind muffs (2)
Clips (2)

What a deal for this product. It works on many devices.

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