Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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DynActive Yoga Belt, Yoga Strap


Product Description


Made from hypoallergenic, durable and 100% cotton material so don't have to worry about allergies. The metal D-Ring buckle is made from stainless steel so you are sure that it will last forever. 


Custom Designed to include an integrated elastic band for ease of storing and managing. Just roll it or fold it and lock it using the integrated elastic band and toss into your bag! That simple, no need to bring a tie or pouch to manage it. 

Extra-long at 10ft (120 Inch) provides enough length for all body sizes and shapes. Available in different color options. 

SUPER STRENGTH to support your weight. This strap doubles the thickness of your common yoga straps for better grip and stability so you don't slip yet very soft and gentle in your skin. 


Comes with our 100% Money Back Guarantee, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

DynActive Yoga Belt, Yoga Strap, 100% Organic Cotton, Stainless Steel D-Ring, Extra Long 10FT (120Inch), Durable 2MM Thick, Custom Designed

Integrated Self-Organizer Elastic Band, LIFETIME WARRANTY (4 COLOR OPTIONS) 
I suffer with my lower back and legs and at times my stiffness just makes me ache all 

over. This belt is long and has a strap that let’s you get the stretch and sometimes the 

relief of the nagging pains. I have notice that I do more stretching now that I have the 

belt and now I notice that I am getting relief. The belt is well constructed to let you 

have that feeling knowing the belt will support you legs or any part of the body 


The belt is purple in color with a large D ring sizes at the tip for allowing many types 

of stretches for your bodies relief.

DynActive Fitness gave me this product for free for an honest #review of the product.

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Massage Ball Set and Nylon Carry Bag. Trigger Point Roller Massage Balls


Product Description

Platinum Pro Sports Massage Balls are ideal for pre-workout stretching, work-related 

aches, expanding your yoga practice, prenatal massage, and post-workout recovery.

• These Massage Balls help you eliminate muscle knots and tension through gentle 
massage using one's own body weight. 

• Feel the immediate benefits by rolling away sore and tight muscles with this 
self-healing tool. Rejuvenates and revitalizes all areas of the body.
• Begin today to correct muscle imbalances using myofascial (soft tissue) release on 

key trigger points. 

• Great for relieving shoulder pain, neck pain, foot pain and muscle knots. 

Take care of your muscles so they can take care of you!

 Massage Ball Set and Nylon Carry Bag

For anyone who gets pain and wants relief from it naturally then these balls what you 

need in your arsenal of pain relievers then you have gotten the right item. There are three balls 2 yellow and one black.  
I placed the ball on my area of pain and layback to start the relief from the pressure 

points of the balls. My lower back and shoulders are the main areas of pain and after a few uses I feel the relief. 

This package also has a bag for storage of the massage ball after using.

Platinum Pro Sports gave me this product for free for an honest #review of the product.


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Ice Pop Molds or Snack Container with Attached Lids - Reusable Silicone Frozen Fruit Smoothie Maker (Set of 4 Popsicles)


HEALTHY SNACKS - The easiest way to know what your kids are eating! Say goodbye to the store bought popsicles or yogurts as now you can easily mix your favorite fruits and vegetables into a smoothie and turn it into a delicious homemade frozen Popsicle that your kids won't fuzz about! Just fill with your desired frozen fruit, juice, yogurt, puree, ice cream, Jell-O, applesauce, smoothie, milkshake or any kind of drink, close the lid and freeze! No need for knots, clips, or Popsicle sticks.
IMPROVED ATTACHED LIDS DESIGN - No more lost lids and no mess in the freezer or lunch bag! With a unique conical shape, the flexible but firm molds are perfect for little hands to hold and drink until the last drop without a sticky mess or drips. Their fun and vibrant colorful swirl design are a favorite for kids and teens. With attached super tight fitting lids, you are free to lay them on their sides or stand them lid side up.
ECO FRIENDLY WITH 1000 USES - A great reusable alternative to plastic containers or disposable bags. Fill them with veggie sticks, raisins, cheese, grapes, nuts, seeds, fish crackers, cereals, pretzel sticks, and more. They fit easily into a lunch box, bento, backpack, purse, gym or diaper bag! No more waste, you can even save the leftovers by popping on the attached lid and putting them back in the freezer.
PREMIUM QUALITY - Made with 100% BPA free, premium food grade silicone. You can rest assured they are safe for you and your family. Never turn white when twisted which means no toxic fillers, 100% silicone. Reusable and dishwasher safe. Each ice pop maker is 8 inches long and holds 3.4 fl oz. (1/2 cup) and the slim design takes up minimal freezer space.

--> -->
100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE - If you are not 100% jazzed about our silicone pop molds, if for any reason you decide you are not completely satisfied, we will refund you no questions asked! We are so confident about them that we are sure you will LOVE them too!


Ice Pop Molds or Snack Container with Attached Lids - Reusable Silicone Frozen Fruit Smoothie Maker (Set of 4 Popsicles)

This is one invention that I am so glad to tell you about. I cannot do the cones that come from the stores the chocolate around the cone brakes my mouth out and I have trouble. So this inventor has given my freedom to get ice cream in a tube. I LOVE THIS IDEA this not just for kids but also for those of us who like something cold but don’t want the bowl. SIMPLE just use a blender and mix, fruit, cream, or any other blend that you wish to but together and out comes the cold popsicle you to have in your hand and get cool in at the same time. 

As a NANA I know that I will get more and more use out of these tubes as my grandson grow up more. 
This is an idea that has taken to long to get out to the public. It am a believer in this product.
HOW MANY LADIES FOR Ice Pop Molds or Snack Container with Attached Lids - Reusable Silicone Frozen Fruit Smoothie Maker (Set of 4 Popsicles)?




Monday, January 30, 2017

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My Review of The Ultimate Snoring jaw/Chin Strap

About the Product
ULTIMATE SNORE JAW/CHIN STRAP ACTUALLY WORK: This Snoring Aid is better than an 

Anti Snore Pillow, Snore Spray, Pills, or any Anti Snoring diet Devices out there - Get your best 

nights rest and Stop wasting money on Products that don’t work - Place your order today while 

supplies last!
Comfortable and Affordable - Our Quality Chin Strap is designed for Superior Comfort

This Ultimate SNORING CHIN STRAP will be their own sleeping defense system - No need 

for ear plugs or ear muffs anymore - Wake up in the morning feeling Happy, Healthy and 

Refreshed from a restful nights sleep - No more laying in bed tossing and turning at night 


wearing this Comfortable Chin Strap - Test these snoring aids RISK FREE today!

-->rid of your un healthy sleeping habits/patterns NOW!
OUR PRODUCT HELPS WITH teeth grinding and snoring - Cure your snoring  problem  for good!



go- Never disturb another man, woman, teen, child again with your Embarrassing 

Sleeping / Snoring Disorders - Stop waking up with puffy eyes from lack of sleep - Get 
Anyone who has been reading my reviews in the past will know that I suffer from sleep apnea and it

is something to deal with when you have a mate that suffers because you suffer as well. I know it

sound corny but it is true but with the strap is has helped to keep my chin from dropping and starting

the snoring.  This strip is well made and the Velcro makes it easy to adjust for how much support you

would need to support the jaw. It has slot on each side for the ears or if you need to place you CPAP

straps in those areas as well. The inside has some protection for come comfort to the chin.

3rd EYE gave me this product for free for an honest #review of the product.


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Hair Symphony Professional Detangling Hair Brush and Soft Nylon Brush for Wet and Dry Hair with Travel Cosmetics Bag


The styling brush is designed for professional salons; dry or wet hair is no problem for this styling brush
Great comfort for scalp thanks to the cushion that allows the nylon pins to glide through the natural flow of your hair
Safely remove knots or tangles with its flexible and carefully aligned pins that easily glide through any type of hair
No more hair loss or broken hair by rearranging the split ends and removing dead hair, having a regenerating role on hair
Kids will love it, as they 

My REVIEW OF Hair Symphony Professional Detangling Hair Brush and Soft Nylon Brush for Wet and Dry Hair with Travel Cosmetics Bag

This is a great set to have when you do your hair each day. As a child I have always had curly hair that tangled and let would get a tug from my sister’s as they did my hair. I have never found a brush that gave me glide and ease through my hair but now this symphony professional detangling hairbrush is the one. I like the design of the brush that it curves and fits well into the hand for getting that grip for brushing.

I use my brush the short curvy one for applying my conditioner throughout my hair and the large tooth brush when I am
shampooing to make sure I get my shampoo all though out my head and when rising my hair too. And finally at the end as it is drying I will use the large brush to make the final comb though to make sure all conditioner is even as my hair dries.

HOW MANY LADIES FOR Hair Symphony Professional Detangling Hair Brush and Soft Nylon Brush for Wet and Dry Hair with Travel Cosmetics Bag?



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